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The H8830 wireless Modbus®/pulse transceiver from Veris Industries is perfect for submetering commercial and industrial facilities and adding Modbus devices to any network without the need for costly communications wiring. The input port on the H8830 easily connects to new or existing Modbus and pulse devices (meters, sensors, etc.) to automatically detect the optimum route for reliable and timely data communications. Data from each H8830 passes from one transceiver to another to reach its ultimate destination. This self-managed mesh network allows the system to function with high reliability where other wireless systems fail due to short- or long-term interference from radio signals.


  • Tenant submetering
  • Allocating costs
  • Adding Modbus devices to existing networks
  • Gathering energy information from remote buildings
  • Monitoring performance of building systems (e.g., chillers, boilers, fans)

Easy installation saves time and money

  • Self-optimizing wireless interface between multiple Modbus devices and networks
  • Intelligent H8830 transceivers eliminate the need for costly PCs and software
  • Customized for Modbus device interface...optimize performance with minimal overhead
  • Pulse inputs allow connection to existing meters for electricity, gas, water, steam, or BTUs
  • Wireless communications (up to 1500 ft/457m per hop) allow monitoring of remote transformers and meters without expensive trenching
  • Rugged wall-mount design makes installation a snap and assures high reliability Mesh network design makes adding devices simple and inexpensive
  • Intelligent H8830 nodes continuously monitor wireless traffic to optimize routing
  • H8830 nodes and devices can be added at any time and fit seamlessly into the routing network
  • Scalable design means that projects can be completed in stages as resources become available