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The A8911-23 Input Module provides an easy way to integrate multiple pulse output devices to Modbus systems such as the Veris AcquiSuite data acquisition network. The A8911-23 accepts up to 23 standard pulse sensors and can function as a slave device with any Modbus master. This data can be networked to other critical energy sensors such as Veris Modbus power meters to provide a comprehensive energy monitoring solution.


  • Demand response program control and reporting
  • Cost allocation to tenants and third parties
  • Measurement and verification of energy savings
  • Gas, water, steam, and BTU meters
  • Monitoring performance of building systems (e.g., chillers, boilers,fans)

Installing and commissioning the A8911-23 is a snap!

  • External communications via shielded twisted pair 18-22 gauge wire...allows communication up to 4,000 feet
  • Pulse input communication up to 200 feet using 18-24 gauge control wire (longer runs available by special order)
  • DIN rail mounting...quick and easy installation
  • Onboard DIP switches for Modbus addressing
  • Industry standard pulse inputs connect to most pulse output meters
  • LED verification of RS-485 Modbus TX/RX communications
  • LED indicators for each pulse indication and verification of pulses
  • Non-volatile memory retains configuration and pulse count totals during power failures