IMS-4000 Enterprise Monitoring Host Unit


Name: IMS-4000 Enterprise Monitoring Host Unit
Product #: IMS-4001
Environment Monitoring: Servers don't operate properly unless they are in a proper environment. High temperatures increase the chance of a system crash. Power failure, water on the floor, smoke and fire obviously cause even more issues. Sensors are available for the IMS System to monitor all of the critical environmental conditions that are important for smooth operation of your computer equipment.
Physical Security: There is a growing concern for physical security in the data center. Malicious activity, and even accidental activity make it necessary to watch over your computer room. Who was there after hours? Who opened the cabinet door just before the system crashed? The IMS System has the capability to supply this type of information. Security sensors can be configured to track all access activity in and around your data center and generate instant alarm notifications. Any monitored condition can even trigger an image capture from a camera which can be immediately e-mailed to the appropriate personnel.
IP Monitoring: The IMS System provides integrated monitoring of network connectivity and server operation. A ping request can be sent periodically and an alarm is generated when there is no response. Even more detailed monitoring can be performed with the Port Service Response function. The IMS System can send specific requests to servers for SMTP, POP, HTTP, FTP, or any other port service for a proper response. You will know immediately when a service fails on any of your servers. And unlike other monitoring systems, a failure on your e-mail server won't prevent the alarm message from being delivered. The IMS-4000 comes standard with a phone line interface for alarm notification, so network problems and server failures can't prevent the alarm message from being delivered.
Alarm Notification: When an alarm condition is detected, the notification process begins. Both the IMS-4000 and IMS-1000 systems can deliver alarm messages through the network as e-mails and SNMP traps. For additional convenience and redundancy, the IMS-4000 has a built in telephone interface and the IMS-1000 has an optional phone interface. Voice phone calls can be made with custom messages describing, in your own voice, where the problem occurred. Messages are sent continuously until someone responds.
History and Trends: Full event-history and trending are provided with the Data Logging feature. User-selectable sampling lets you store critical temperature, humidity, or other environmental information about your infrastructure by the minute, hour or day.
Use the data for graphing, database, or auditing purposes. Events are recorded for review: user access, alarm detection, dispatch, and alarm acknowledgement. The IMS systems provide you with everything you need for a reliable and consistent audit trail.
Enterprise Hardware Expansion: Yes
Enterprise Software Console: Yes
Power Failure Monitoring: Yes
Built-in Battery Backup: Yes
High Sound Level Alarm: Yes
External Sensors: 8 per Host/Node, 256 total
Automatic Sensor Identification and Setup: Yes
Sensor Supervision: Yes
Cat5 Wiring for Sensor Extensions: Yes
IP Monitoring: 64 per Host/Node, 2048 total
Alarm Notification User Profiles: 64
E-mail Notification: Yes
Pager Notification: Yes
Voice Phone Call Notification: Yes
Customizable Voice Messages: Yes
Remote Listen-In Over Telephone: Yes
SNMP Traps: Yes
SNMP Manageable: Yes
Built-In Web Server: Yes
Cameras: 128 External
Camera Interface: Enterprise Multi-View
Alarm Triggered Image Capture: Yes
Scheduling for Alarms and Notification: Yes
User Grouping For Alarm Types: Yes
Outlet Control: Optional
Built-In RAS Server: Yes
Two-Way E-mail Command Responder: Yes
Data Logging and Event Logging: Yes
Software Pop-Up When Alarms Occur: Yes