SCADA 3000

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Inputs: 16 Universal inputs included. Expandable up to 144 total I/O points SCADA 3000
Outputs: 8 Relay outputs included. Expandable up to 144 total I/O points
Notifications: Programmable Voice, Fax, Cell Phone/Alpha Pager Text Message, Numeric Pager, Modem, E-mail
Special Features: Ladder, 'C', and PID control options; web page generation; data logging, HMI screen builder
Part Numbers: SCADA 3000 Main Unit

SCADA 3000 Functional Diagram

SCADA 3000 Functional Diagram

SCADA 3000 Main Unit

(comes with 32-bit software system complete with a real-time screen builder)

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The SCADA 3000 is the most advanced system in our industrial line of Sensaphones. Everything-including the software- comes in one comprehensive package for all the sophisticated control, alarm, and data logging capability you will ever need.

Flexible communication options allow the SCADA 3000 RTU to communicate with a host PC through standard RS-232 serial, radio modem, ordinary telephone lines, or a mix of all three. The Sensaphone SCADA 3000 will call you using your own pre-recorded voice messages to alert you to the situation, or contact you via fax, text message, numeric pager, or e-mail. Each Sensaphone SCADA 3000 starts with 16 universal inputs and 8 relay outputs, but the system can grow as the needs of your application grow - up to 144 I/O points. Expansion I/O modules are available to add more universal inputs, pulse count inputs, relay outputs or analog outputs. Standard with each Sensaphone SCADA 3000 is a powerful 32-bit software application that includes separate modules for RTU programming, Real-Time HMI screen design, Ladder and C control program editing, and automated retrieval of Data and Event log records. This versatile Windows®-compatible software contains all the tools you'll need to manage your SCADA 3000 units.