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U003-0003 Test Equipment U003-0003

TPI 275. Clamp-On Tester with true RMS digital multimeter and 11,000 count display. CE, UL, RoHS.
U003-0004 Test Equipment U003-0004

TPI 1010. Indoor Air Quality Meter, CO, CO2, temperature,and humidity measurements, datalogging capability. RoHS.
U003-0005 Test Equipment U003-0005

TPI 770. Carbon Monoxide Monitor with visual and audible alarms. CE, RoHS.
U003-0006 Test Equipment U003-0006

TPI 621C3. Dual Input Digital Manometer, 0-5psi range, multiple scales. Complete kit with tips and tubing. CE, RoHS.
U003-0007 Test Equipment U003-0007

TPI 575C1. Digital Vane and Hotwire Velocity Meter, air temperature and air flow measurements,RS-232. CE, RoHS.
U003-0008 Test Equipment U003-0008

TPI 597C1. Digital Hygrometer/Psychrometer, with humidity, temperature, dew point, and wet bulb temperature measurements, RS-232. CE, RoHS.
U003-0010 Test Equipment U003-0010

TPI 381. Infrared non-contact thermometer with laser pointer, -4°F to 572°F range. CE, RoHS.
U003-0014 Test Equipment U003-0014

TPI 440. Oscilloscope with true RMS auto-ranging digital multimeter,AC/DC measurements, 1 MHz. CE, RoHS.
U003-0015 Test Equipment U003-0015

TPI 1008. Indoor Air Quality Meter with CO2, temperature, and datalogging capability RoHS.
U003-0016 Test Equipment U003-0016

TPI 368. Infrared non-contact thermometer, close range, -8°F to 248°F range. CE, RoHS.
U003-0017 Test Equipment U003-0017

TPI 505. Digital Hand Tachometer with contact and photo measurement capability. CE, RoHS.
U003-0018 Test Equipment U003-0018

TPI 196. Process Control Digital Multimeter with AC/DC amps and RS-232. CE, UL, RoHS.
U003-0019 Test Equipment U003-0019

TPI 133. Basic Digital Multimeter with AC/DC volts, AC/DC amps, and resistance. CE, UL, RoHS.