Sensaphone Model 800

Sensaphone Model 800 Basic Monitoring


Name: Sensaphone Model 800 Basic Monitoring
Product #: FGD-0800
Input Zones: Flexible inputs that support:
Normally Open or Normally Closed contacts
Temperature sensors: -20°F to 150°F
Four channels in the Model 400
Eight channels in the Model 800
Automatic input type configuration.
Programmable recognition times.
Alarm Notification: Four phone numbers in the Model 400.
Eight phone numbers in the Model 800.
Makes voice phone calls with customized messages for easy identification.
Built-in alarm test function to simulate and test the notification process.
Includes telephone Line Seizure.
Voice Messages: Built in vocabulary for keypad programming and sensor readings.
Record custom voice phrases in your own voice to describe each input zone.
Record site identification message.
Microphone: Internal microphone for custom voice message recording.
Monitor high sound alarms.
Microphone can also be used for remote listen-in feature.
Output Relay: Low voltage NO/NC output relay included.
Manual or automatic alarm response switching.
Remote Access: Call in with any Touch-Tone phone to check the status of all monitored conditions.
Make programming changes remotely from any Touch-Tone phone.
Remotely control the output relay.
Local Access: Keypad and speaker for local programming.
Easy voice-prompted programming.
Password-protected to restrict programming access.
Compatibility: The Sensaphone 400 is a direct replacement for the model 1104 and CottageSitter.
The Sensaphone 800 is a direct replacement for the model 1108.
Power Supply: Comes with plug-in power supply.
24 Hour battery backup using 6 size C alkaline batteries (not included).
Automatically monitors for power failure alarms.
International power options available.
Built in CottageSitter Control: The built in relay can be used to remotely change the temperature of a dual setback thermostat. Provide your own, or order the FGD-0064 Thermostat from Sensaphone.
Size: 7½"W, 2"H, 8½"D
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs
Batteries: (6) 1.5 Volt "C" cell alkaline (not included)
Telephone Connection: FCC approved RJ-11 plug-in modular connector with 6′ cord
Operating Temp. Range: Unit should be kept between 32°F and 120°F
Temperature Sensing Range: -20°F to 150°F with remote temperature sensor
NRTL listed for compliance with U.L. Standard 60950-1