Sensaphone Web600


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Inputs: 6 universal inputs - Normally Cosed/ Normally Open Dry Contact, 2.8K/ 10K Thermistor, 4-20mA Current Loop
Relay Outputs: Rated for 1A 30VAC/ 1A 30VDC Maximum Sensaphone WEB600
Alarm Notifications: 8 Alarm Escalation Levels - E-mail, Text Messages, and SNMP Traps
Special Features: Web Programmable
Part Numbers: Sensaphone Web600 Web-Based Monitoring System FGD-W600

Sensaphone Web600 Web-Based Monitoring System 220VAC FGD-W600-INT

Sensaphone Web600 Battery Backup FGD-W610-B

Sensaphone WEB600 Functional Diagram

Sensaphone WEB600 functional diagram

Sensaphone Web600 Web-Based Monitoring System

Web-Based Monitoring and Alarm Notification

The ALL NEW Sensaphone Web600 provides flexible web-based remote monitoring at an affordable price. Keep track of critical temperatures and other conditions and be notified immediately when current values exceed the normal range. Completely standalone and easy to use, the Web600 can be used for monitoring cold food storage, medical cold storage, and other temperature sensitive areas like computer rooms and data centers. In addition to temperature monitoring, the Web600 can also read values from humidity sensors, air quality sensors, water leak detection sensors and much more.

Sensor Inputs:
Connect up to six external sensors to monitor a variety of equipment and conditions. Each input zone can be connected to a temperature sensor, an analog transducer, or a dry contact switch.

Web Status:
Live status and history is only a webpage away. The Web600 built in web server provides quick and easy information about your monitored conditions. Even time stamped history reports are readily available online.

Sensaphone WEB600

Alarm Notification:
When monitored conditions exceed normal values, the Web600 will notify you immediately be sending out e-mail alarm messages, and even text messages. Up to eight people can be contacted to make sure that proper action is taken.

Sensaphone WEB600

Optional Battery Backup:
With the addition of the optional battery backup module, the Web600 can monitor for power failures and stay operational for two full hours while the power is out.

Web Programming:
Built in web server for easy access to programming and status. Just point your browser to the Web600's webpage and fill in the blanks for a quick configuration.

Sensaphone WEB600