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Built-In: Power Failure
Inputs: 8 IMS-1000
Outputs: 1 Relay
Notifications: E-mail, SNMP trap, and text message are standard. Voice phone call and fax with phone option.
Special Features: Live webserver, rack mount, ethernet with optional phone backup, IP monitoring.
Part Numbers: IMS-1000 Single Room Monitoring Solution

IMS-1000 Single Room Monitoring Solution w/ International Power Supply

IMS-1000 Single Room Monitoring Solution w/ Modem

IMS-1000 Single Room Monitoring Solution w/ Modem and International Power Supply

IMS-1000 Functional Diagram

IMS-1000 Function Diagram

IMS-1000 Single Room Monitoring Solution

The ultimate choice for remote monitoring and control where telephone lines are non-existent or too expensive.

The New IMS-1000 offers web-based monitoring for everyone

Sensaphone's latest development, the IMS-1000, provides a flexible, web-based monitoring system for many applications. It connects to any Ethernet network and has a built in web server for viewing status, making programming changes, and reviewing data log history. Up to eight sensors can be connected to monitor a wide variety of conditions including temperature, humidity, physical security, smoke, fire, power, etc. The IMS 1000 is perfect for cold storage applications and even accepts a new -85°C temperatures sensor. It also includes one relay output to switch a local device on or off depending on alarm activity. Power failure monitoring is built-in along with a rechargeable battery backup.

Alarm notification is delivered by sending e-mail messages and text messages. An upgrade is available to also include a telephone connection that adds custom voice alarm phone calls. With the phone option users can also call in for a voice status just like most other Sensaphone products.

If the IMS-1000 is going to be used in a computer room, additional computer room features are also built-in. IP device monitoring is included to monitor the proper functioning of the servers on your network. Alarms can also be sent via snmp traps, and all programming parameters are accessible through the IMS-1000 snmp agent.