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Veris Industries leads the way with a complete line of innovative power monitoring solutions. Whether monitoring for chiller optimization, demand response, tenant submetering, or critical power applications Veris has the industry leading solutions.

High Density

Meters designed to monitor multiple circuits for applications where high desity power distribution exists.

Branch Circuit Monitors (E30A042) Branch Circuit Monitors
Branch Current amd Branch Power Monitors provide electrical information necessary for managing loads in mission critical applications such as data centers.
Multi-Circuit Monitors (H8238) Multi-Circuit Monitors
Monitor up to 8 3Ø Services with one device! The H8238 provides 26 points of power monitoring data and 9 alarms for each service via modbus.

Single Circuit

For applications where independent measurement of single or three phase circuits is needed. Veris provides multiple products designed to meet your application requirements.

E2x Enercept Flex E2x Enercept Flex
H80xx Enercept (H8035-0100-2) H80xx Enercept
The perfect product for retrofits as the electronics are embedded in the split core CT. This means the entire assembly is easily mounted inside of the electrical panel eliminating the labor and space required to install a separate transducer box.
H81xx Enclosed (H8163-0100-0-1) H81xx Enclosed
The H8100 series provides excellent systems accuracy with a large back-lit display.
H84xx Performance Panel (H8436V) H84xx Performance Panel
The H8400 Series Panel Meter supports a wide aray of mounting options and is available for direct monitoring up to 600VAC.
E50 Series Power & Energy Meter (E50H2) E50 Series Power & Energy Meter
E50 series of DIN mounted power & energy meters combines exceptional performance and easy installation for a cost effective monitoring solution.
E60 Series Power & Energy Meter (E61C20) E60 Series Power & Energy Meter