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Veris Industries has available a wide range of products for monitoring liquid flow. Our sensor models are available in insertion, tee-style and clamp-on for installation flexibility. These products reflect over 100 years of design experience and include impeller, disk, turbine, electromagnetic and ultrasonic technologies. Many insertion models have hot tap capability to avoid system interruption and make servicing easy. We also carry a selection of transmitters, monitors, and installation tools.

Impeller Meters

Veris impeller meters are designed to be your most reliable and cost effect liquid metering solution. The most versatile meter in the category is the Small Diameter Impeller (SDI) series. It requires a small one inch opening and has minimal fluid obstruction for low pressure loss. Reliability is enhanced with a stainless steel impeller and standard with an ultra hard tungsten-carbide shaft and polyamide bearings. Besides frequency output the SDI series can provide analog and scaled pulse outputs and optionally contain an LCD flow display right on the meter. The Standard Impeller series requires a two inch opening. The forward swept impeller is Nylon and the standard shaft and bearings are tungsten-carbide and polyamide. Many other material options are available for those exotic applications. All impeller meters have frequency output but can be used with a Veris transmitter for a wide range of outputs and protocols.

Insert-Small Diameter Impeller (U001-0022) Insert - Small Diameter Impeller
Ultra-versatile meter for flow measurement in pipes 1 1/2 to over 40 inches, analog and frequency outputs. Hot tap available
Insert - Standard Impeller (U001-0002) Insert - Standard Impeller
Insert - Standard Impeller Hot tap (U001-0004) Insert - Standard Impeller Hot tap
Low cost frequency ouput meter for pipes 3 to 40 inches, and hot-tap for installation in charged pipes.
Tee Meter, Brass (U001-0008) Tee Meter, Brass
Low cost frequency output flow meter for pipes up to 2 inches in diameter
Tee Meter, System BTU (U001-0098) Tee Meter, System BTU
Simple and complete subsystem to measure BTU in heat transfer systems

Monitors and Transmitters

Monitors and transmitters receive flow data from meters in frequency format. The data is converted to a useful format such as analog or one of many protocols. It can then be displayed on an easy-to-read LCD screen and/or sent to a building or process control system. Energy monitors and transmitters also accept dual temperature sensors and combine it with flow data to output thermal energy ( BTU) information. Veris monitors and transmitters accept signals from most meters and can display and transmit information in almost any communication format.

Local Display/BTU Monitor (U001-0023) Local Display/BTU Monitor
Conver frequency signals and temperature inputs from flow meters to analog, BTU and protocal outputs for use by control and measurement system. Display the data ona panel or wall.
Analog & BTU Transmitters (U001-0013) Analog & BTU Transmitters
Conver frequency signals and temperature inputs from flow meters to analog, BTU and protocal outputs for use by control and measurement system.


Veris offers a full line of transit time ultrasonic flow meters to satisfy a variety of applications. These products feature non-invasive technology designed to provide superb accuracy and response characteristics, making your job successful and cost effective.

Ultrasonic Monitors (FSR1AK1X) Monitors
The Veris line of monitors provide the means of collecting flow and energy data from transducers secured to a pipe. The monitors are available as flow or energy/flow versions. In addition the monitors can be specified as either AC or DC powered. All monitors require a transducer for a complete system.
Ultrasonic Transducers (FST1A020) Transducers
Transducers provide flow signals to monitors by alternately transmitting and receiving a frequency modulated burst of sound energy. This energy is directed from the outside of the pipe to the liquid inside. Veris transducers are available to fit nearly any pipe material or size.
Accessories Accessories
Ultrasonic flow and energy accessories are designed to provide the quickest and most reliable installation possible. This catagory includes programming software and computer cables, acoustic coupling and heat sink greases as well as tapes and temperature sensors.

Electromagnetic (Mag) Meter

Electromagnetic Meter Electromagnetic Meters
Electromagnetic (mag) flow meters are capable of measuring flow in almost any liquid, slurry, or paste with a minimum of electrical conductivity using Faraday’s law of induction.


Gas Gas
The B142 Series gas turbine flow meter offers reliable measurement of natural gas flow rates in boiler systems. The B30xx Series flow meter is offered for use with the B142.